Breathe Freely

Engineered for better breathability. The OSR-M1 lets more fresh air in without trapping the CO2 you exhale.

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Wear with Ease

Designed for comfort, in three sizes with adjustable straps, for a custom fit that seals and moves with you all day long.

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Filter better

Filters both the air you inhale and the air you exhale (no check-valve) by blocking >95% of airborne particles as small as 0.075μm.

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There’s no getting around it—wearing a mask can affect your breathing patterns, making a routine activity suddenly difficult. Poor mask construction can restrict breathing and trap exhaled CO2, which makes breathing feel even harder.

We engineered the OSR-M1 in so you can breathe easier. We worked with Solidworks and Dassault Systèmes to study how air flows inside and through the mask. Using high performance nonwoven polymer filter material and a large filter area, we keep breathing resistance low. By reducing the space between your face and the mask’s filter, we reduce the CO2 level left in the mask to less than 2% on average.



Fit is critical when it comes to your face mask, not only for comfort but also for filtration efficiency and visibility. If a mask doesn’t fit snugly around your nose and mouth, you risk breathing unfiltered air. If your glasses are fogging, your mask is leaking air, meaning it isn't working to its full potential.

We crafted the OSR-M1 with a soft flexible silicone face piece that conforms and seals snugly to your face. With three sizes—small, medium, and large—and flexible adjustable straps, you can achieve a comfortable custom fit for better performance.


We harness the fundamentals of fluid dynamics for greater filtration from airborne particles. A larger area for airflow allows air to travel more slowly. When air moves at a slower speed through a filter, the filter can capture more particles.

We created the OSR-M1 for maximum filtration efficiency and minimal breathing resistance, with a larger filter area than used in other face masks. This larger area allows a greater amount of air to slowly pass through the filter, providing better filtration of inhaled and exhaled air. In independent testing through various partners including AFFOA, the OSR-M1 has demonstrated filtration efficiency of >95% of 0.075µm airborne particles.

Photograph of TSI Testing Equipment


Highly Reusable

Our Model 1 reusable mask relieves strain on the supply chain by consuming 3-4x less filter material than a standard disposable mask does. Rather than relying on excess filter material to shape the mask, our modular design puts materials to use where they work best so filter material is used only for filtering.

By wearing an OSR mask, you are supporting the effort to expand supply of filter material and limit impact on landfills. You’ll also benefit by saving on the costs of buying disposable masks. After you have worn the OSR-M1 just 20 times, it will have paid for itself.

Comparison of two types of masks
Cleaning a mask with alcohol wipes


The OSR-M1 is designed to be easily and thoroughly cleaned using conventional, readily available cleaning products and techniques. Wash it in your sink, run it through the top rack of your dishwasher, or wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).


In a pinch, alternative filter media can be used with the Model 1 mask. The filter sealing mechanism is designed to accommodate a variety of filter media thicknesses. This makes it easy to swap filter suppliers without requiring new fit testing. It also means filter upgrades such as activated carbon inserts (available soon) can be used in your mask.

The modular design enables upgradable components, future-proofing your purchase. As new features become available, they will be universally compatible with any existing versions of an OSR mask.

Carbon filter in a mask



To maintain supply chain resiliency, we've designed all components for very simple, single-pull injection molds. The facepiece is compatible with either LSR or TPE manufacturing processes such that we can rapidly deploy masks on traditional machines, and also leverage the superior mechanical properties of silicone. Back to Purchase


  • OSR Filter Media - 5 Pack
    OSR Filter Media - 5 Pack Mask Open Standard Industries
  • Strap Assembly
    Strap Assembly OSR-M1
  • Face Piece M1C
    Face Piece M1C Mask Open Standard Industries
  • Lock Ring M1C
    Lock Ring M1C Mask Open Standard Industries
  • Filter Grill M1C
    Filter Grill M1C Mask Open Standard Industries
  • Filter Adapter M1C
    Filter Adapter M1C Mask Open Standard Industries



We are committed to designing a protective mask and maximizing impact, as safely, quickly, and for as many people as possible, until there is no longer a need. 

In March 2020 the pandemic blindsided the world. PPE supply chains froze up and we launched this effort to address the shortage of safe, effective, and resilient products for healthcare workers and the general public. Here we are, eight months into the pandemic; after a summer lull the virus is raging now stronger than ever around the world. 

We’ve never stopped working, we’ve done our homework, and now we have an effective professional mask that we are proud to introduce for an early release.

We are offering this limited quantity, pre-production lot right now because, while it is not yet certified, we are confident in its performance based on sound data. This launch is about getting masks into the hands of our partners and establishing new relationships with individuals and organizations that want to support our mission. The cost you see is effectively our cost to manufacture this low volume release.

Open Standard Industries is simultaneously ramping up full-scale production and creating an ISO-compliant quality system. Our mission is to get a fully certified device to market close to the anniversary of launching this effort (March 2020), at a competitive cost and in volumes that can make a significant impact.