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The OSR-M1 has been independently tested at three different labs for filter efficiency, breathability, and fluid splash. The test results can be found further down the page. Once we get our quality management system in place we intend to apply for NIOSH certification.

Test results: OSR-M1

Filter Efficiency (instantaneous) >95%
Tested to filter more than 95% of airborne particles greater than 0.075µm particles.
Testing Procedure: TEB-APR-STP-0059.

Exhalation Resistance = 13.0 mmH20
Minimizes resistance on exhalation.
Testing Procedure: TEB-APR-STP-0003

Inhalation Resistance = 17.1 mmH20
Minimizes resistance on inhalation.
Testing Procedure: TEB-APR-STP-0007

Residual CO2 (10 min avg.) = 1.778%
Tested to maintain less than 2% of CO2 on average in mask.
Testing Procedure: RCT-APR-0064-508

Blood Splash: pass at 635cm/s
No synthetic blood penetration at 635 cm/s.
Testing Procedure: ASTM F1862

Face Fit: Pass Breathability Tests
Must have face-fit to pass Inhale/Exhale Resistance tests (above).
Facepieces designed directly from ISO Digital Headforms